Nov 18 Combine

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone at this Sunday's NineBaseball Combine at In the Net in Palmyra. Please make sure you you check the spreadsheet for your scheduled time. Come prepared! Here are some details about the Combine as a reminder or for those who have not participated There are six events that make up the combine: Arm Speed: Players throw three balls into a net as hard as they can. This is measured in MPH with a radar gun. There is no restrictions, players can get a running start and “crow hop”. This is a raw arm strength exercise. Bat Speed: Players hit three balls off of a tee into a net with a (-)3 ball. The balls exit velocity is measured from behind the tee. There are no restrictions but players should be encouraged to use their “regular” swing assuming this is the most powerful. In batting practice in front of evaluators or in this exercise...this is not the time to change what you do normally. Rotational Medicine Ball Throw: Players, from a stationary position, rotate the torso as far to one side as possible and immediately twist the opposite direction to throw the ball. This is to measure rotational power of the players torso. Players should concentrate on using the larger muscles of the body and not depend on arms. 30 Yard Dash: Baseball players generally never run farther than 30 yards. This makes the 30 yard dash a better evaluation tool than the traditional 60 yard dash used in baseball. Players should start the test in a baseball “lead” stance. Shuttle Run: This is a “5-10-5” shuttle run. Players start 5 yards in one direction and touch the 5 yard line, 10 yards back to the other direction and touch the line and finish by running through the beginning position. Players must touch on or beyond the line with their hand. If the player does not touch the end lines the time will not stand. There is one “redo” allowed if a player’s time is disqualified. The shuttle run measures the ability to change direction with body control that is vital in baseball. Vertical Jump: Players will get two chances to measure their vertical jump with a “vertec” meter. Players stand with both feet planted under the vertec meter, then simply jump to touch the highest point of the meter possible. There are no steps allowed, players must take off and land on two feet. The vertical jump is to test the power of the players lower body. Below is the link to the Combine schedule: If there is anything else you need or any other your questions you have you can message me directly. Thanks to everyone participating. See you there! Linda