Nine Baseball Combine

  • Ed Lovelace Speed Clinic at the Nine Combine
    Chandler Baseball recently attended a Nine Baseball Athletic Testing Combine at "In the Net" in palmyra PA. Chandler players were tested in 7 areas to gain their overall "9 score" for their age range/graduation year. These scores help players identify their strengths and areas needing improvement. Chandler players are challenged to take their scores and use them to make the most of the off season.

    Following the Nine Combine, players attended an Ed Lovelace speed clinic. During the clinic they gained valuable tips and advice for shaving every valuable second off of their 60 time from the one time "Fastest Man in the World" and what that meant to their future in baseball.

    Overall, Chandler players gained valuable experience while spending time with teammates and coaches. This event was just one of the many that make up the " "Chandler Experience" for players and parents. Those players unable to make it to the event will have the opportunity to attend a "make-up" Combine December 16th.Watch the Community homepage for for further details.
    Reults have and explanations of ranges have been posted.  

    For further information on Nine Combine Athletic Testing go to
  • Ronald Street
    Ronald Street Hi Linda, where are the results and explanations posted. I have looked through the website and can't seem to find anything.
    November 27, 2012
  • Linda Ronan
    Linda Ronan The results were posted on the 23rd by Coach Helsel in a blog. Brent then posted additional information with the results explaining scoring. There is also additional information on the Nine website
    November 27, 2012